Advancing Women In Skilled Trades
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Did you know?

Equitable Pathways to Technical Fields and Skilled Trades aims to increase the number of women pursuing an educational or career pathway in technology or skilled trades. You may ask why?

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Canada’s industrial and technical sectors are looking for smart people with hands-on experience and strong problem solving skills

While demand is high nationwide, Ontario has the most pressing need to hire workers in skilled trades and technology by 2021

40% of Hamilton’s skilled workers are retiring by 2020

Local employers are desperately searching for skilled people in trades and technology

The government of Ontario offers financial incentives such as the new Graduated Apprenticeship Grant (GAGE) to employers, plus bonuses of up to $2500 if they hire apprentices from underrepresented groups like women, in more than 100 eligible trades

Apprentices earn anywhere from 30%-50% of what a fully qualified journeyperson makes, and their wage will increase each year until they are certified

Once certified, journeypersons can be their own boss or be promoted to management and supervisory positions

Apprentices can earn while they learn and graduate without any debt

There are several scholarships and bursaries available for students interested in registering for an apprenticeship

The numbers of job openings in technical fields and skilled trades are increasing

Mohawk College, as one of Ontario’s largest Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Colleges, offers more than 130 post-secondary apprenticeship programs

High demand skilled trades and technical jobs in Hamilton include Welders, Machinist, Tool and Die Makers, Computer Network Technicians, Millwrights, and Industrial Electricians

Skilled workers in technology and trades earn a competitive salary that continually increases with experience, and often include benefits

Skilled workers in technology and trades will make more than enough money to have a family, build a life and enjoy the extras

Many young people today are pursuing careers in technology or trades AFTER they have earned their university degrees because certified tradespeople have better chances of finding work in their chosen careers

Skilled workers in technology and trades will use their hands and brains – to build something amazing. Something they can be proud of. Something we ALL can be proud of.