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Christine Nicole Gibson


Christine obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, from York University, Toronto in 2001 and completed a diploma in software development at Mohawk College in 2015. She has worked at both the Canadian Institute for Health Information, and a STEM Club for kids in the neighborhood where she lives. She believes that by working in
the tech industry, you can have a direct impact on the people around you and your community, and this is one of her favorite aspects of working in this field.

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Christine Nicole Gibson


Software Developer


Canadian Institute for Health Information and Local STEM clubs


The possibilities are endless in technology


Software Development

Average Salary:

$35,000 – $185,000

Technical Skills:

Experience working in Computerized Environment, Coding

Soft Skills:

Strong Organizational Skills, Attention to Detail and Accuracy, Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills

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Let’s Know More:

1. I’m not sure what career path options are available to me. Can you help me make a final decision?

The possibilities are endless in technology. You can do everything from specializing in systems architecture, to building websites and apps. Find a way to experiment with the technology that interests you most. Then figure out how to obtain the skills you need to work with that technology. No matter what you do in tech, learning will be part of your future. Whether you learn through research or courses online, at a college or a university, your career will always involve more learning. I advise you to be as practical as possible, financially speaking. No matter who’s offering the
course, there’s usually some form of financial aid. Try not to accumulate a huge debt. Starting a new career is tough enough, without having to worry about loan repayments. Remember, this choice is an investment in your future. Try to figure out what will give you the best return on your investment.

2. What qualities do you need to succeed in this field?

Curiosity and the willingness to experiment with new technology are pretty essential. When you’re a programmer, you’re constantly trying to find the best and latest technology. You have to have the kind of curiosity that drives you to tinker and experiment. Sometimes you won’t even know exactly what you’re looking for, but you want to know badly enough to try out all the possibilities you can think of.

3. Can you tell me how your job helps or works with the community?

There are so many ways. Sometimes you’re literally building tools that allow members of a community to contribute to that community. You can mentor, teach, write, post, and host.

4. What are some lessons you’ve learnt the hard way?

I often regret not having entered tech sooner. I had no idea how incredibly creative this industry is.

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