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Maria Topalovic


Maria has always been interested in water management, sustainable development, and environmental policy, which have all been part of her focus during her studies at McMaster University, as well as her career at CRH. Working at CRH Canada Group Inc. since 2010, she is currently the Environment Manager, and her efforts ensure best practices for water management, emission reductions, quarry rehabilitation, and species at risk protection are implemented.

Mentor Profile


Maria Topalovic


Environment Manager


CRH Canada Group Inc.


Supporting our business needs through a variety of challenging projects, while enabling me too help deliver on CRH’s global commitment to sustainability is rewarding. I also engage with community members and agencies to develop sustainable solutions that meet shared goals.


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering & Management, Master of Engineering & Public Policy

Average Salary:

$60,000 – $120,000

Technical Skills:

Able to use computer assisted design, mathematics, chemistry, physics

Soft Skills:

Strong Organizational Skills, Communication Skills, Attention to Detail and Accuracy, Critical Thinking, Leadership Skills

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Let’s Know More:

1. I’m not sure what career path options are available to me. Can you help me make a final decision?

The important thing is to keep your options open. You should look for options that allow you to do what you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in an environmental field, there are many options whether you want to work in the public sector, private sector, or a non-profit, or NGO. It is also important to know that you can learn or develop a skill in any opportunity, whether it is for work or in a volunteer capacity. Treat every opportunity as a way to develop your skills, learn something new, and be open to see where the role takes you.

2. What is your motto?

“Unless someone like you cares a while awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

3. Can you tell me how your job helps or works with the community?

An important part of my job is to engage with community members to discuss our operations with them as well as other interested stakeholders. We have Community Liaison Committees at many of our aggregate sites that provide opportunities to share our plans and listen to the ideas and thoughts related to our plans from various stakeholders. As part of the final rehabilitation of our aggregate sites, it is important to understand the views of the community, to ensure that the final land use is one that can be more beneficial to all. As part of our Earth Day activities, we hold tree and pollinator plot planting events with local Scouts and Guides – educating young people about the importance of these programs and allowing them to be part of planting activities that contribute to the rehabilitation of these sites that are in their communities. We also hold school tours to teach students about sustainable operating processes and potential future career opportunities.

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