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Natalie Przerwa


Natalie is a detailer for Walters Inc. Prior to detailing she graduated from Mohawk College’s Architectural Technology Advanced Diploma Program. Whilst studying she fell in love with the engineering aspect of her program and that brought her to working for Walters. She has been there for almost 2 years. In addition to working at Walters, she teaches part-time at Mohawk College in the Building Construction & Sciences department.

Mentor Profile


Natalie Przerwa


Steel Detailer


Walter Inc.


I feel accomplished everyday when I stand beside men and can do the same job as them.


Architectural Technology

Average Salary:

$50,000 – $60,000

Technical Skills:

Computer Drafting, Mathematics

Soft Skills:

Strong Analytical Skills, Organizational Skills, Attention to Detail and Accuracy, Communication Skills, Reading and Comprehension Skills

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Let’s Know More:

1. What do you wish you knew at my age?

I wish I knew that there are endless amounts of careers and to do my research earlier as to what my interests are and how they can be applied to gear me towards my career.

2. What kind of professional development opportunities are available in your career?

In my career there are a few professional development opportunities. Right now I’m working as a detailer; there is an opportunity to advance to a senior detailer or manager, along with moving laterally to more of a project coordinating position. The opportunities are endless.

3. What qualities do you need to succeed in this field?

The people who usually excel in my field are hard-working and humble and people who understand that you never stop learning.

4. What is your motto?

“Less is More” whether it is editing drawings or designing floor plans, you don’t want to clutter as long as you get the point across.

5. What are you most proud of?

My accomplishments thus far at a youthful age: I got hired right out of school with a great company that sees the potential in me.

6. Can you tell me how your job helps or works with the community?

When there is a new project we use a lot of steel which is the main structural material. We help the economy by providing jobs not only through our company and the work we do but by creating these spaces where more employees will be needed to run that future space. My company also gets involved with many charities and organizations to help our communities.

7. How do you get to be creative on your job?

When I’m connecting structural members and there’s a unique situation going on, I can give the connection design my best shot of what I think it will look like and have an engineer double check my work to make sure it can withstand the loading requirements.

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